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January 28 - G. Loewen (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I just wanted to send you an additional note of support. I've followed your "Bring back the Jets campaign" right from the beginning. I've always wanted to believe that the Jets would come back, but people's heads have been really spun on the *impossibility* of it. Well, I can see that people's minds are changing. If Winnipeg binds as a community with the full potential of it's voice, they WILL be back.

Creating this voice is something you've been working towards and I think you've been doing a great job. The flyer at the '06 exhibition game, the redesign of the website, and some of your publicity you've mustered have all been contributes to the progress of getting our right to an NHL team back.

In light of Gary Bettman's recent comments, I view that has a huge victory in showing progress. Finally the NHL is realizing that it HAS fans in Canada. That it doesn't need to *build* a market here because it already exists. The expansion further south is doomed to fail. It's crazy not to have an NHL team in Winnipeg where we only have one united passion for a sport. ....Hockey!!!

I am flattered that people follow and know of every move this campaign has taken. Mostly I am just glad people care! We all should care! There is both stategy and timing involves with a venture such as this, mixed in with an absolute need for caution and maturity. Luckily, I am none of these things outside of this campaign! I don't take much seriously, including myself, except for matters surrounding this campaign.

January 27 - S. Nagy (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I first must say I sincerely applaud your dedication in seeing what Winnipeg wants, Winnipeg needs and most importantly what Winnipeg DESERVES and that is the return to the NHL. Now I have posted on here before and even went on recored of buying 2 seasons ticket packages. Now I admit I was skeptical but deep down always clinged to the notion of the NHL returning. I truly believe that when the day comes that we get our wish that this city will truly come alive for the first time in over a decade. I sure hope that day comes sooner than later and I look forward to going downtown to watch real hockey. We all should be thankfull for your efforts cause it takes a TRUE FAN do but all these efforts in without expecting anything in return...well except for the NHL.

I spent my 20's without NHL hockey and now I want my 30's with the NHL. Anyone who thinks I have an alterior motive behind this must think I am truly mad by now. There are far eaier ways to become "known". And I thought the music business was an uphill battle! The truth is everyone that supports this site is a TRUE FAN. Period.

January 23 - I. Henderson (Calgary, Alberta)

I was in Florida last week and went to the game vs. Carolina. They announced the attendance at about 10,500. NO WAY!!! There was MAYBE 5,000 in there at the most. Another "inflated" attendance figure. There were also SO MANY give-a-ways and tickets this and free tickets that!!! Parking is also included in all Panther tickets. I spoke to some (of the very few) die-hard Panthers fans and they all said they admit the crowds get smaller and smaller every year. It is football country afterall. But hey, don't forget Gary Bettman once said hockey works in South Florida and not in Winnipeg. I just saw that proof.

Ahh, the power of perception. The perception that the NHL is doing fine because the newspaper reports that 21,653 are coming to see the Tampa Bay Lightning every night. Then you go to a game, and walk-up last minute to get tickets, and you realize that a number is clearly just a number...unless of course people in Florida look like blue chairs.

January 20 - G. Burwash (somewhere in Alberta)

You have a real tough road ahead of you with this campagin. I really do appreciate what your doing as well as many others. Thank you!! It seems the NHL dosen't want a team in Winnipeg, that's what your really fighting with. It seems they would rather have teams in markets where the potential to blow open is a possibility. The NHL is no friend to Canada as far as that goes. My family moved out to Alberta from Birch River in the mid 80's because of work. Alberta has been very good to me but when it comes to sports I am a total homer and love the Bombers and the Jets.

However, we are fighting with a league that understands its failures, finally, and can no longer dismiss Winnipeg's ability to sustain a franchise and be a heck of a lot more successful than many current teams in the league.

January 9 - R. Beaudry - (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I imagine you get as frustrated as anyone when you come across these articles discussing why Winnipeg doesn’t have an NHL franchise. It's tiring to see people (in this case TSN’s Darren Dreger) who don’t know the facts or figures yet dispense their thoughts on the seating capacity of our arena and the level of corporate support. I understand that he’s a sports writer/commentator and is entitled to his opinion -in the big scheme of things it doesn’t really matter; but to blame it on the size of the arena is quite lame and uninformed. In fact its become redundant to hear some media types give such a pat answer.

If I had a dime for every mis-representation that Winnipeg receives from the media (both local and national) I'd be buying a team myself. Fact is, you're doesn't matter in the scheme of things because the key people know what Winnipeg is made of and that's all that we need to be concerned about.


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