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About me

Darren Ford - founder of JetsOwner.comIt was suggested to me that this website should contain a little info about myself. Some feel it useful for the viewer to get a sense of who is behind the cause. Well, here goes.

My name is Darren Ford, I am 33 years old, and I am a born-and-raised Winnipegger living in the suburb of St. James. As a youngster, I split season tickets to the Winnipeg Jets with my mom, dad and brother. Going to Jets games are some of the fondest memories I carry.

I attended Westwood Collegiate and later the University of Winnipeg, majoring in Geography and becoming very interested in city planning. Problem was, I was interested in so many things. I have played in some sort of band for over 15 years, one for 12 of them, recording 3 full length CDs, touring the country and experiencing some incredible things. Other hobbies include fine wine (enjoying it and teaching courses), lots of music, and my undying love for the Denver Broncos. Currently I own a wine and spirits company that operates out of Manitoba and Saskatchewan called Decanter Wine & Spirits. I seem to have successfully wrapped my love and knowledge of wine into a rewarding career.

Other than that I like to play sports, travel when I can and of course, plug away with the Return of the Jets Campaign. I have a beautiful wife and little boy who I look forward to taking to games one fine day! I also have two cats, Irving and Ritter, who show their support by eating, sleeping and chasing the cursor on the computer screen when I update I'll blame typos on the cats!

About the Cause

As for this campaign, it started (8 years ago when I was 26 years old) with a vision of what Winnipeg has the potential to be. It began when I heard of yet another friend heading for Calgary to find work and a sports scene. It stemmed from wanting to live in the city I want Winnipeg to be. The thought of a vibrant downtown, a spot back on the map and most of all, the highest caliber of hockey back where it belongs were driving forces behind this movement. With no web experience and a trunk full of ideas, I set out to create a hub for all believers to visit and for all doubters to be converted. Thick skin was required when I first put this "wacky" idea together for all to see and hear. Thanks to the thousands of supporters that frequent and predictions that have since fallen into place, I have been able to shed that thick skin and instead become a credible source for fellow believers to rely on when the latest news is sought. I have met people throughout this journey I never thought I'd meet or get to know and in return have kept my head level and my eye on the prize. I will always be ready to defend and promote my dream...our dream.

Welcome to the home of the Return of the Jets Campaign. I hope you all enjoy the design (courtesy of Lauren Robb) and exciting additions that will enable this campaign to reach new heights. Enjoy your stay and be sure to visit often!

Darren Ford

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