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As seen in Manitoba Business Magazine - February Edition
As seen in Manitoba Business Magazine - February Edition

On February 1, 2005 a major phase of the Return of the Jets Campaign was launched that envolved gauging the interest of Manitoba's corporate community for the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg. On the list of mail-outs were the Top 100 Manitoba Businesses as reported by Manitoba Business Magazine. The package mailed to these candidates included two documents, a cover letter and a brief survey called the "level of commitment". That is, the level of ticket subscription that would be supported by the company annually.

The purpose of this section is to allow other leaders of the business community, like yourself, to participate in this survey. Obviously there are hundreds of other companies like yours, large and small, that are excited at the possibilty of NHL hockey returning to Winnipeg and would love nothing more than to pledge their support. This is your chance to do so.

Corporate Letter
Corporate Online Survey
Corporate Letter
Corporate Online Survey

Simply click on the two documents above. Read through the "Corporate Letter" and then fill out the "Corporate Survey" online. It's as easy as that! If a hard copy is preferred, feel free to contact me and a package will be mailed out immediately. In either case, select the option you feel most fits your company's desire and ability along with the information required and submit it back to the campaign.

Upon submitting you will come across two seperate pop-up windows.
They are merely standard security measures to remind you that you are automatically sending e-mail online. Selecting "OK" and "Yes" respectively is completely safe.

Company information will not be used publicly or published in any capacity.
Only subscription interest results will be used.

Thank you for your time with this very important matter. Our future can indeed look brighter and your voice will only help secure that future. A hypothetical look at what ticket ranges might look like for NHL hockey in MTS Centre can be found in the "How Much" section.


Darren Ford
Founder & Webmaster

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